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About us

METAICHMIO PUBLICATIONS S.A. is amongst the leading publishing companies in Greece. We publish translated and Greek fiction as well as non fiction, children’s books, science and humanities titles as well as educational textbooks: over 300 titles per year (40% Greek, 60% translated). The company was founded in 1993 and counts more than 25 years as a dynamic presence in the Greek publishing sector (Cyprus is included in our activities as well).

Our priorities: keeping up to date with international publishing trends, providing excellent services to our readers and continuing education to our staff.
Our goals: publishing books that will stand the test of time and introducing great authors to our audience, choosing the best representatives of their respective genres.
Our vision: fostering creativity, attracting engaged readers, cultivating the love of reading, promoting critical thinking on current and timeless issues through our books, innovation, creating a large community that comes together through books.
With a consistent, energetic online presence, we support communication with our readers and encourage interaction, through our company website www.metaixmio.gr and our social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, youtube).
Our goals for the future are bold, always centered on our readers, always focusing on quality. We continue our publishing work with an ever-present respect to readers and one common goal: creating great books.

The company
METAICHMIO Publications was founded in 1993, focusing on educational books and study companions. Our academic and educational catalogue covers a wide range of scientific fields, making for a dynamic presence in university textbooks publishing.
From 2000 onwards, the publishing house quickly expanded into literature and children’s books, both translated and original works. Our writers and our titles have been met with commercial and critical success, earning multiple awards and distinctions. Our list includes some of the most acclaimed and popular Greek and foreign authors. They can be found HERE in alphabetical order.

Today, our catalogue includes more than 3.000 print publications and more than 1.000 e-books.

Our main categories are as follows:

• Greek Fiction
→ Fruitful relationships with some of the most eminent and best-selling Greek authors.
• Translated Fiction
→ Outstanding titles and award winning books by highly acclaimed authors.
→ Cooperation with the most important international publishing houses and agencies.
→ Acquisition of exclusive translation rights for significant books.
• Children's Books – Young Adult Books
→ Books that combine educational value and quality entertainment.
→ Internationally acclaimed Greek authors.
• Educational Books and Study Companions
→ Pioneer in educational books and study companions.
• Humanities and Sciences
• Art Books
→ Painting, photography, music, graffiti
• Digital editions
→ E-books
→ Interactive Study Companions
• Print-on-demand Editions

METAICHMIO Publications also specializes in multiple cultural and educational activities:

→ Training Courses on Creative Writing and Editing
→ Book Clubs
→ Book Presentations
→ Lectures
→ Conferences
→ Educational courses for children
→ Events
→ Art Exhibitions

Our books are available in every bookstore in Greece and Cyprus, as well as through our website www.metaixmio.gr.
Today, more than 60 people are employed in METAICHMIO’s several corporate departments: marketing and promotion, sales, rights, production, editorial, creative (DTP). Furthermore, METAICHMIO Publications has the necessary equipment and the organizational structure to support every publishing endeavor.

Our vision couldn’t have become a reality without the coordinated effort and hard work of all of our employees, and without the help and support of our various experienced collaborators (translators, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, printers, binders etc.).


Corporate social responsibility

With the belief that every business has an active role in the society, METAICHMIO participates in various actions aiming to help groups in need.

One example of this endeavor, Marietta Kontou’s book No more tears, for children aged 10 or older -part of the series “Engaging Stories” and illustrated by Stathis Petropoulos- has been translated into Arabic by Persa Koumoutsi and Abdelaziz Mohamed Abbas. Like its protagonist Nour, it has traveled far, reaching 2.000 Arabic speaking children refugees all over Greece, in hosting establishments and schools. Various organizations contributed in its distribution, such as the Network for Children’s Rights, the Greek chapter of International Board on Books for Young People, the Municipality of Athens, ARSIS, Metadrasi, as well as many individual teachers.

This special edition included a personal note from the author Marietta Kontou, also translated to Arabic.

The book is based on the real-life story of Yusra Mardini, refugee and Olympic swimmer from Syria, who in 2015 boarded an overcrowded dinghy bound for the island of Lesvos, seeking asylum. When the motor suddenly cut out, Yusra, her sister and two others jumped out and pushed the dinghy towards shore for three hours. Saving many of her compatriots from certain drowning, Yusra went on to compete in the 2016 Rio’s Olympic Games.

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